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Minion Arcade Wing: Sleeps up to 15

Price / night

Capacity : x15


Air conditioning  Air conditioning
Balcony  Balcony
Bathroom  Bathroom
Cooktop  Cooktop
Fridge  Fridge
Non-smoking  Non-smoking
Pets not allowed  Pets not allowed
Television  Television

Step into our Enchanted Castle, where every room unveils a tale of wonder and excitement! As you enter our magical abode, prepare for an unforgettable journey through mystical realms. Our themed rooms are crafted to transport you to extraordinary places, ensuring an enchanting stay filled with magical moments. Book your escape now and let the enchantment begin!

Throne room: Throne Room, where regality meets opulence. King-sized beds, lavish fabrics, and towering chairs set the stage for a night of unparalleled comfort. Antique furniture and sculptures evoke the grandeur of a bygone era, ensuring your stay is a regal embrace and a promise of royal dreams. Book your regal retreat now and experience treat like royalty.

Mighty Jungle : Mighty Jungle rooms, a retreat of natural vibes. Embrace the warmth of wood furniture, adorned with animal bedsheets and vibrant wall paintings. Revel in the natural light that fills the room, creating a cozy ambiance. The highlight? A man-made small treehouse bed, ensuring your stay is a unique and immersive jungle experience. Reserve your spot in the Mighty Jungle and let the adventure unfold.

Dinosaur digs : Our Dinosaur Digs, where the allure of dinosaurs meets modern comfort. These dinosaur-themed rooms, designed to accommodate four, boast captivating décor and the added adventure of an inbuilt treehouse. Step into a prehistoric world, creating lasting memories for you and your companions in a space that combines the fascination of dinosaurs with the convenience of contemporary accommodation.

Book your stay now and make memories that roar to life in our Dinosaur Digs, where ancient wonders meet modern luxury.

Ocean Deep : Dive into the allure of Ocean Deep, where our themed rooms transport you to an underwater paradise. With marine-inspired décor, soothing hues, and immersive aesthetics, your stay promises a serene escape. Don't miss the chance to experience tranquility like never before—book your stay and let the waves of relaxation embrace you at our Ocean Deep retreat.

Minion Arcade : Step into the playful realm of Minion Arcade, where vibrant colors and whimsical décor create an atmosphere of joy. Our themed rooms offer a delightful escape, complete with a variety of games for all ages. Experience the ultimate fusion of entertainment and comfort—book your stay and let the Minion Arcade enchant you with laughter and fun.

Dungeon : Unleash your adventurous spirit in our Dungeon-themed rooms, where medieval charm meets modern comfort. Immerse yourself in the mysterious ambiance of stone walls and discover the secrets within. For a stay that blends history with excitement, book now and experience the allure of our Dungeon—a unique and thrilling escape awaits daring visitors.

FOR A LIMITED TIME! Book half the building at 50% off. Choose between one of two wings: The Minion Arcade Wing features a huge master bedroom with a concrete throne!



Resort Amenities

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    Search for hidden treasures in the Caribbean Ocean family “Water Park” with a Garrett metal detector pin pointer, play on inflatables or enjoy a large freshwater pool which features two slides and a hideout waterfall cave and cascading waterfalls.

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    Cater your meals, cook in the huge gourmet chef's kitchen (or hire a chef), order from the on-site restaurant and enjoy your meal while watching breath-taking sunsets on the pier, or eat out at your favorite restaurant on the beach.

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    Play billiards, corn hole, shuffleboard, Nintendo® Switch game in a cave, or Xbox® in the theater room.

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    Enjoy over 3,000 interactive arcade games.

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    Utilize the private laundry room or outsource your laundry.

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    Go treasure hunting, with treasure maps or find your own treasure in an on-site sandbox.