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Caribe Tesoro Race Pit Wing: Spacious Luxury for 18 Guests at 50% Off!
Race Pit Wing: sleeps up to 18

Price / night

Capacity : x18


Air conditioning  Air conditioning
Balcony  Balcony
Bathroom  Bathroom
Coffeemaker  Coffeemaker
Cooktop  Cooktop
Fridge  Fridge
Microwave  Microwave
Non-smoking  Non-smoking
Pets not allowed  Pets not allowed
Television  Television
Washing machine  Washing machine

Ahoy, seekers of adventure! Welcome to our majestic castle, where each room is a gateway to excitement and wonder. From swashbuckling tales in Pirate Port to superhero sagas in Super Heroes, our themed rooms promise an enchanting stay. Embark on an unforgettable journey—book now and let the magic of our castle weave tales of delight for your stay!

Pirate Port : Ahoy, adventurers! Secure your berth in Pirate Port for an immersive journey on the high seas. Book now for an exclusive stay surrounded by nautical luxury, hidden treasures, and the thrill of a pirate's life. Don't miss the chance to make your stay a swashbuckling escapade—reserve your room and embark on a voyage of a lifetime!

Super Heroes : Unleash your inner hero and book your stay in our Super Heroes sanctuary! Elevate your experience with symbols of justice and valor. Reserve now to become the superhero of your own narrative and enjoy a stay that transcends the ordinary. Your heroic adventure awaits—seize it!

Escape : Dive into a realm of mystery and excitement—book your stay in our Escape room now! Secure your spot for an unforgettable experience filled with puzzles, enigmas, and thrilling challenges. Don't miss out on the chance to embark on a mind-bending escape—reserve your room today!

Spin Stop : Ready for a whimsical retreat? Secure your laughter-filled escape in Spin Stop! Book now for a carnival of colors, joy, and delightful spins. Ensure your stay is a whirlwind of fun and merriment—reserve your room and let the playful enchantment unfold!

The Race Pit : Race enthusiasts, secure your spot in The Race Pit for an adrenaline-packed stay! Book now to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of speed with décor celebrating the thrill of the racetrack. Don't miss the opportunity to make your stay a pit stop like no other—reserve your room and rev up your engines!

The Galaxy : Embark on an interstellar journey—book your stay in The Galaxy room now! Secure your cosmic retreat under the stars, surrounded by celestial décor. Reserve your room for a stellar experience and explore the wonders of the universe. Your cosmic adventure begins with a simple booking—secure your spot!

The Comics : Comic book enthusiasts, reserve your stay in The Comics room for a vibrant and immersive experience! Book now to dive into the pages of your favorite graphic novels brought to life. Ensure your stay is a colorful and imaginative journey—secure your room and let the comic book magic unfold!

FOR A LIMITED TIME! Book half the building at 50% off. Choose between one of two wings: The Race Pit Wing is great if you have more children coming along.



Resort Amenities

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    Search for hidden treasures in the Caribbean Ocean family “Water Park” with a Garrett metal detector pin pointer, play on inflatables or enjoy a large freshwater pool which features two slides and a hideout waterfall cave and cascading waterfalls.

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    Cater your meals, cook in the huge gourmet chef's kitchen (or hire a chef), order from the on-site restaurant and enjoy your meal while watching breath-taking sunsets on the pier, or eat out at your favorite restaurant on the beach.

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    Play billiards, corn hole, shuffleboard, Nintendo® Switch game in a cave, or Xbox® in the theater room.

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    Enjoy over 3,000 interactive arcade games.

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    Utilize the private laundry room or outsource your laundry.

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    Go treasure hunting, with treasure maps or find your own treasure in an on-site sandbox.